Best-selling Author With 350k+ Books Sold Worldwide Reveals How To Get...

From Flabby To Fitty In

23 Days...

Eating Good Food!

Can healthy food really taste this delicious?


Here’s the secret to maintaining a tiny waist while still enjoying good food without starving yourself


Here’s what you’ll be getting from the workshop:

Flabby To Fitty Roadmap

A step-by-step day-to-day blueprint on how you can transform yourself in 23 days naturally without having to starve yourself!

Secrets To Maintaining

Your Waistline

So you've lost your weight, great! How can you continue to maintain your weight and still eat as much food as you want?  Here are the exact step-by-step formula you can immediately apply

Delicious Healthy Recipes Created By Singapore's Star Chef

Amazing recipes created by our very own star chef that will blow your taste buds it's 100% healthy!

How To Revive Your System

In 23 Days

Reboot, Restore and Revive. Here's how you can be at the peak of your health in 23 Days as well as the first step you can take to start the journey.

Shocking Truth About

Our Food Today

The deep dark secrets about our food today that nobody would tell you and how you can take control to protect your health.

Mark Leong

Asia’s First Juice Guru

Hey Gorgeous!


Are you still out there looking for that magic pill? A solution to transform yourself in the fastest way possible? Have you jumped from “hacks” to “hacks”, “tactics” to “tactics” without seeing any results?


Or worse, have you worked so hard dieting and working out to lose all that weight, but only after indulging yourself in a couple of meals, find yourself back in square one all over again?


Yes, I know how it feels. They say that getting a healthy body is not easy, much less maintaining it...

But You’ll Be Surprised!

I’m going to debunk all of that myth for you, I’m going to throw everything you know about diet and exercise out the window because what I’m about to share with you will surprise you. And in fact, it will change everything you knew about your food, your body and your health.


The truth is...

Getting A Healthy Body Doesn’t Have To Be That Hard

It can be simple really!


Take for example if you want to get rid of an ant infestation, suddenly there are a group of ants on your table. Do you start getting rid of the ants one by one, or do you trace the source of the infestation? (probably a half-eaten sweet, eww!) You would probably get rid of the source of that problem right?


Now similarly if you want to transform yourself, you don’t go to slimming centers to magically zap away all that belly, you want to fix the root of the problem…the food right!?

“So I Should Eat Rabbit Food?”

Now many of you, when you think about diet, you think about people eating salad everyday (in our community we call it "rabbit food"!), but this is far from the truth.


I’m going to be showing you how can not only create healthy, fat-burning food, but also really delicious ones as well.


These are recipes you can’t find anywhere else, simply because we spent years experimenting, tweaking and improving to give you the best. I am going to show you, how you create fat burning food that are healthy & more importantly, DELICIOUS!​


And if you follow our formula, you would immediately see results in 23 days time!


PLUS: If you worry about the maintenance, we have a step-by-step formula and recipes that you can plan your diets for LIFE!

Now Imagine This...

Now imagine attending the next meet up with your relatives, seeing all of their surprised look on their faces, as if you have found the answer to lose your belly and reverse your health conditions.


Many of them, dying to hear what pills are you on, what slimming studio you have signed up for.


Little did they know that transformation in you is 100% natural, and the best part is, because you are so used to eating and living healthy, it now becomes part of you!


You wake up every morning, full of energy because you are so used to the habit of living the enhanced life!

Just Hear What Our Past Participants Have To Say...

People say I look younger than my age now, my face have become sharper these past few weeks and my double chin disappeared! - Jessica

I'm glad that my tastebud have upgraded to a finer taste. Things that are salty or sweet taste bad to me, that's really good for my body - Catherine

I'm really happy I chanced upon Farmz, this is the best part of my health journey. Even my relationship have been improved with my daughter because of this - Janice

Aimin was very friendly and responsive to my questions and she helped us throughout the whole process when I was doing the the kidney and liver cleansing.  


I lost 20kg in 2 weeks! It was a awesome experience. Keep up the good work Aimin and her team!

Joseph Tan

By Day 11, my complexion seemed to be slightly better as compared to before. The lady who does my facial regularly remarked that my face didn’t seem so red and it seems more moisturised.

Lee Wei

Mark Leong has taken living healthy to a new level. Never imagine nutritional meals can be such interesting and delicious. The dedication and sincerity shown to part their knowledge to the fellow humans. Kudos to Mark Leong, Min and the whole team.

Jassy Cheam

Facebook Reviews
Reliability, trustworthy. The Angels are very friendly and helpful, a caring entrepreneur which I stumbled onto. Many thanks and feeling grateful to Farmz team especially to both Mark and Min for sharing all the healthy tips and wellness. Without health there is no wealth, Keep up with the good work. Jia Yue. Cheers.
Ong Lea Ching
May 15
i have joined the 23 days juicing (vegetables & fruits) which cost abt SGD 2800 which i took up 12 months installments. I was surprised that after the 23 days my skin has no more blemish or pimples. I also saw my weight drop 5kg on the last 7 days. but one thingy, as i have too much fibres, my body is not used to it. Overall experience is positive where i have questions, the angel will assist me.
Eileen Zhuo
May 11
I am very touch by Farmz during the circuit breaker period by offering the 23 days transforming programme with a small fee. The recipe is simple to follow and dream come true for most of us as first time Baker without studying the science of baking. The breathing exercise is very impt in keeping away flue and it come to us free.
Thank you Mark and Min and your team for doing great service to Humanity. Wish both of you success and prosperity in the path you choose
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Rosie Tan
May 11
Never thought that online buying this juicing book (in 2018) would have brought me into this wonderful family, called Farmz Asia. It has been a wonderful journey moving towards a healthier lifestyle with the coaching, guidance & help from Farmz Asia. No regret.
Alice Lee
May 09
I have challenged myself to take up juicing @Farmz, guessed what, on day 7, I have lost 4kg with a drop of two sizes. At the end of my first juicing, i have lost a totla of 3kg and maintained the new size... The feeling is marvelous, the body is cleansed and detoxed to the max. I would continue to live healthy and mindful of what the juicing here had taught me, to be awared and continued to achieve my health goals while sharing with my family and frens. Cheers
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Miki Grace Neo
April 12
Free of gout pain, lost 4kg and feeling energetic!
Corinne Teo
March 29
I have benefited so much from their 23-day detox program. Besides losing weight (I lost 4.3kg), my complexion improves, my usual neck & shoulder pain all gone after the program.
Farmz’s juicing program is very well-planned, their CEO is knowledgeable and always ready to share, nutritionists are professional, helpful and friendly. I do not feel any stress during my detox process as they provide very good support and advice.
Glad I get to know Farmz and it’s 23-day program!
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Lily Tan
March 24
Farms Asia has a group of professional team to help me from flabby to fitty in 23 days. I'm more energetic n healthy . learnt to eat healthier through juicing n eat right. Thank you Mark & team
Eileen Tan
March 24
It’s great that I’ve gone thru the 23 days ‘Flabby to Fitty’
I really enjoy the process & all the juices. I get heather & slimmer. Fully recommend that you must try it. 👍
Doris Tan
March 24
Today, me and hubby attended "From Flabby to Fitty in 23 Days" workshop conducted by Mark Leong. His sharing is simple to understand and he is very energetic. We love the step-by-step day-to-day blueprint on how we can transform ourselves in 23 days naturally. Most importantly, we don't have to starve ourselves while we can still enjoy our foods. It is our best investment and we never regret it!
Rebekah Tmc
January 12
Authentic. Simple healthy living with easy recipe to follow. Totally change my mentality of how to eat right, live right & live life to the bloom.
Susan Chan
November 16, 2019
I love this place. It is so cosy and warm. A place where I learnt so many things and ways to stay healthy and a life free of lifestyle diseases. A place which revolutionalised my life. You will love this place too.
Constance Wong
July 25, 2019
Food education for eating good real food to fight life threatening diseases
Massamah Awi
May 31, 2019
A place where you will learn what is the right foods to be taken and prepared by yourself for your loved ones. Tasty and Healthy!
Thank you Star Chef Mark Leong! 🎉💐
Lim Carol
April 09, 2019
I used to have high blood pressure for many years and have been taking medication. I am doing the 23 day detox with Farmz and today is my last day. I also stopped my medication during the detox. These are my readings this morning!!!! Thank you Farmz!!!!
Jerry Chua
March 21, 2019
A very dedicated group of passionate people who are determined to help, educate the public to eat and live better lives ❤️
JS Toh
March 10, 2019
awesome platform to learn how to be healthy, vegetable amd fruits are yummy. exact measurements are important to achieve great results.. lots of encouragments and positivity and great learning workshops.. love Min and Mark for the sharings...
Happy Kimmie
February 17, 2019
I got to know of Farmz from FB. I attended the 3 hrs workshop with more than 20 participants with the similar interest in improving our weight & health on 18th Jan 2019.

I wanted to learn of drinking the right combination of juicing of vegetables & fruits to help myself to gradually reduce my weight , be more energetic n improve my knee flexibility & heel pain .

Both Mark , Min and their colleagues are friendly & helpful . I have pick up some useful tips & information and even tried out the freshly made delicious juices on the spot in which I truly enjoyed drinking it! There are additional workshops for those who are ready to take action to better their health & weight. I would recommend friends who wish to learn more on healthy juicing to find out more from Farmz. 😃

Clara Yeo
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Clara Yeo
January 20, 2019
The workshop is very informative and good start to taking control of ones health.
Diana Ng
December 16, 2018
WE ARE WHAT WE EAT. But what to and what not to eat; how to choose the right food and ingredients; how to prepare and cook the food; all these questions kept ringing in my mind till.....FARMZ!

Due to some health ailments, I decided to attend the detox and juicing talk organised by Farmz where I met the founder Mark and Min. After attending the talk, I went through the 23 days' detox and juicing program and got my body system cleansed, felt brighter and lighter. Yay! The most important benefit is that my body can absorb nutrients better. If one's body system is full of toxins, no matter how healthy the diet, nutrients cannot be absorbed, there detox is a MUST!

Thanks Mark and Min for the great effort to educate us to a better and healthier life! Their dedication and sincerity are deeply appreciated!
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Christina Chionh
October 27, 2018
I have recently completed my 23 day Health Revival programme and it yielded satisfactory results! I am very happy with my current condition and it's all thanks Farmz.
Michelle Kew
September 26, 2018
Jacqueline Ng
August 16, 2018
SY Peng
August 15, 2018
Awangku Tajudin Lokman
August 14, 2018
Thank you AiMin and Mark for the 2day Revival Workshop. I had benefited a lot.
From now I will fuel my body with real food. Practice mindful and clean eating.
In the past 2 months, I must declare that I had never eaten so many vegetables before.
Your lemon and ginger formula has also helped my younger son who hated vegetables, now he too had been drinking heaps of vegetable juices daily without any complaints.
Your topic on how to reading nutrition labels is also very informative.
I am feeling very blessed, THANK YOU, Mark, AiMin, YokePing and all supporting staff of Farmz.
All the best to Farmz on the future undertaking.
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Serena Lee
August 06, 2018
Doing the 23 day Juicing Program was one of the best investment of money and effort I have made. It cleared a lot of myths and preconceptions I had about juicing. During the program, I received a wide variety of fresh, high quality and yummy juices every 2 days. As a result is I felt refreshed, re-energized and totally renewed.

To top up the goodness, the beautiful people of Farmz (Ai Min and Mark) has taught us so much about how to eat clean and how to have a practical and sustainable healthy life style that incorporates juices into our everyday routine.

It's been a few weeks since I completed the program, I can say I am now a juice advocate. Using the recipes given by Farmz, I am drinking one to two juices a day to complement the meals I eat. I am also slowly introducing juice to my 2 working adults "kids" so that they too can get the nutrients their bodies need.

I will highly recommend Farmz to anyone who wants to revive their health through juicing. They are sincere, authentic and open to sharing everything they know and you will be joining a group of positive Friends of Farmz where there are so much collective wisdom on lifestyle and nurtritional hacks.

Thank you Farmz for the positive juicing journey. I totally enjoyed it!
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Peggy Khoo
August 05, 2018
I'm so glad this place moved into bukit timah plaza! ...yummy and healthy!
Leah Coon
March 04, 2017
I had completed the 24 day cleansing program recently. I decided to take up this program after I went for the Juicing Class.

The interesting part of this program is the 2nd stage - 7 days Gallbladder and Liver cleansing – when I saw a lot of tiny stones (toxins accumulated over the years) flushed out from my body.

Overall the program was quite easy to follow and I felt energetic and good throughout the journey.

After the program I feel the body is clean and light. I now can wear back smaller size clothing which it been awhile back.

My friends are surprise that I really lose alots weight and I look (face) beta then before.

I thank Aimin for her daily follow-up/checking on me as well as willingness to share her knowledge whenever I have questions, which has made my detox journey an enjoyable one!

I will do this program at least half a year to keep my body clean and I will continue to eat clean.
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Jessica Tan
July 01, 2018
My husband and I started our detox programme with Framz on 19 April 2018. Prior to this journey we hardly eat clean. We loved meat and juicing was only done once a while. This journey we took together really brought us to path that we have never taken before. It was a roller coaster ride of us. At times we wanted to throw in the towel but we had each other for support, family and friends also encouraged us to press on. After these 24 days of detox and juicing diet, we really look at food from a different perspective, know how to read food labels, know how we should eat and what we should eat. The result: my husband lost about 5kg. I lost about 4kg and my eczema has stopped flaring up. Thank you Mark and Aimin for your guidance and patience with us.
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Dorina Goh
April 17, 2018
Ivee Lim
March 23, 2018
I love food. I love to taste them, experience them. So vegetable juice not something much of taste and experience as I thought... Aimin introduced me to the kidney and colon cleanse when i was looking for cleansing herbs for a friend. I turned it down right away. It stayed in my head and i asked myself, why do i hate it? Why won’t i try it? So i did! I am amazed by how cleverly the fruits and vegetables are paired together to achieve such effectiveness! I must have purged out a lot of yuckies. Those things that made me crave for sweets, chips etc were out. I naturally crave for cleaner foods, crave for more juices, and i no longer liked my daily chips (��������). The minds behind the recipes are very clever! I would do it again, and again and again!
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Shermane Tan
February 07, 2018
Thank you for the invite to your Farmerz Day event. The Mandarin Chicken and Yu Sheng demo and tasting are so healthily delicious! The topics covered is very educational and I am glad to have you in our neighborhood.
Gwendoline Yim
January 13, 2018
Went for the Yu sheng preview on fri 6jan. V good. Enjoyed!
Ami Mehta
January 05, 2018
Thank you farmz, today's farmz day is awesome. Enjoy the free talks, find it beneficial and entertaining by all the knowledgeable speakers . Finger snacks are healthy ,give me a idea to dehydrate fruits for coming cny. Farmz vegan yu sheng is healthy n full of vibrant colours n taste. Simply delicious. �
Stefanie Tan
January 05, 2018
Nice place & ppl their teaching is clear & good
Parames Murugaiyan
December 18, 2017
Good and fruitful workshop ,I will recommend love ones to attend.
Sharon Guok
December 16, 2017
Good and fruitful workshop. I will recommend friends and love ones to attend.
Yvonne Tan
December 16, 2017
Tydus Low
November 23, 2017
I feel so at home at Farmz as they serve gluten and diary free food. Really so glad to meet Aimin and Mark where we share the same “food vision”. It’s really rare in SG to find people being aware that wheat/gluten/ diary is really bad for us and actively avoiding it. Thanks for the great juicing workshop today, Aimin and Mark. I enjoyed it tremendously and I look forward to more workshops. �
Iris Cheong
November 19, 2017
Thank u for the interesting workshops.
Really got me thinking to improve my own lifestyle...
Be healthier and be more aware of the environment n food.
Wendy Leong
November 18, 2017
Great place to start healthy living ��� come down and try it
Raihana Irwan
November 18, 2017
Attended the workshop today! It was an eye opener in terms of what we can do to change our habits and ensure a better lifestyle for my loved ones �
Sharifah Zahirah Alkadri
November 18, 2017
my daughter enjoyed the workshop! Looks like we are going to have a weekend full of popsicle making!! Thank you for sharing!!
Anna Su
November 18, 2017
great ahop selling excellent superfoods. love everything here!!
Daisy Firzanah
November 18, 2017
Thorrrrrbaik!!! 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
Nooraini Samsudin
November 18, 2017
Enjoyed the workshop!!! Would highly recommend family and friends to attend future classes!
Shynab Sukiman
November 18, 2017
VERY FRIENDLY STAFFS!! Love the interior of the new outlet! All the best and may you have a prosperous business!
Khalis Ahmad
November 18, 2017
Congrats on your new branch! Everything here looks great! Thoroughly enjoyed myself at the popsicle and acai bowl making workshop. Learned a great deal on eating clean and leading a healthy lifestyle. Kudos!
Diyana Zee
November 18, 2017
Pauline Kok
November 15, 2017
Yin Lin Ang
November 13, 2017

From Flabby To Fitty In 23 Days

Secret to maintaining a tiny waist while still enjoying good food without starving yourself




Venue: Farmz Lifestyle Hub

79 South Bridge Road,

Singapore 058709

So here’s what you’ll be getting:

  • The shocking truth about the food industry and why it’s doing more harm than good for your body

  • Why “healthy food brands” are not as healthy as you think they are

  • A step-by-step roadmap to a slimmer waist, stronger body, smoother skin, and energy of someone in their 20s

  • Little known juicing recipes that you can start creating at home to start your journey on natural healing

  • Secret daily meal recipes that will not only help you maintain your figure, but burns your fats too

  • The Reboot, Restore and Revive Formula to get you ready to flaunt in 23 days


This workshop will be perfect if you:


✔️Love food and cannot imagine a day without eating good food.

✔️Tried many methods to lose weight but have to no avail, or failed to         sustain the weight lost.

✔️Maintain the weight lost without having to go through the process again.

✔️Reverse lifestyle diseases (Diabetes Type II, Heart Disease, Stroke, High               cholesterol etc)

✔️Reset your health to feel young and energetic again.

✔️Revamp their lifestyle and health with proven and sustainable methods.

✔️Radiant and clear skin.

✔️Look a few years younger than your actual age.

✔️Tackle skin issues (eczema and other skin-related allergies)


This workshop might not be for you if you are:


Looking for a shortcut to lose a few quick pounds within an unrealistic           period of time.

Not willing to put in effort and expect miracles.

Are not receptive to learn and follow instructions.

Early Bird 









Can't make these dates? 

Tap here to be informed of the next masterclass!

Note: Participants need to be at least 12 years old and above to join the workshop.

We do offer alternate payment options (internet banking and paynow) besides credit card payment. Do contact +65 9022 2882 for other payment mode

Farmz' Give Back Initiative


We recognize that as our little business grows, we’re blessed being able to make a living doing what we love transforming people's health, so we feel it is our responsibility and a privilege to be able help more people, especially those in need.


This year February 2019, Farmz headed to Siem Reap Province in Cambodia to provide a donation of new toilets, along with 60 New Water Filters to provide a source of clean water to 60 homes for 350 people.


And there will be more to come! A percentage of the profits will be used in helping such families.

What Are You Waiting For?

RSVP And Start Living The Better Life Now!

Once again, here's the details:


Date & Time:






$27 (U.P. $107)



Farmz Lifestyle Hub

79 South Bridge Road,

Singapore 058709

Like we said, there are a thousand and one solutions out there that can give you a healthier body, but none of them gives you the exact roadmap and can hand-hold you step-by-step into achieving it.


So if you’ve scrolled all the way down here, this means that you’re serious about living the transformed life. If so, then this is an event you CANNOT miss.


You have to hurry though, because we’re only opening this up to 30 people, for a limited amount of time. Once this workshop fills up, we’re not accepting anymore registrants, so do register now!

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