From Flabby To Fitty

In 23 Days

Here’s the secret to maintaining a tiny waist while still enjoying good food without starving yourself


Here’s what you’ll be getting from the workshop:

Flabby To Fitty Roadmap

A step-by-step day-to-day blueprint on how you can transform yourself in 23 days naturally without having to starve yourself!

Secrets To Maintaining

Your Waistline

So you've lost your weight, great! How can you continue to maintain your weight and still eat as much food as you want?  Here are the exact step-by-step formula you can immediately apply

Delicious Healthy Recipes Created By Singapore's Star Chef

Amazing recipes created by our very own star chef that will blow your taste buds it's 100% healthy!

How To Revive Your System

In 23 Days

Reboot, Restore and Revive. Here's how you can be at the peak of your health in 23 Days as well as the first step you can take to start the journey.

Shocking Truth About

Our Food Today

The deep dark secrets about our food today that nobody would tell you and how you can take control to protect your health.

Mark Leong

Asia’s First Juice Guru

Hey Gorgeous!


Are you still out there looking for that magic pill? A solution to transform yourself in the fastest way possible? Have you jumped from “hacks” to “hacks”, “tactics” to “tactics” without seeing any results?


Or worse, have you worked so hard dieting and working out to lose all that weight, but only after indulging yourself in a couple of meals, find yourself back in square one all over again?


Yes, I know how it feels. They say that getting a healthy body is not easy, much less maintaining it...

But You’ll Be Surprised!

I’m going to debunk all of that myth for you, I’m going to throw everything you know about diet and exercise out the window because what I’m about to share with you will surprise you. And in fact, it will change everything you knew about your food, your body and your health.


The truth is...

Getting A Healthy Body Doesn’t Have To Be That Hard

It can be simple really!


Take for example if you want to get rid of an ant infestation, suddenly there are a group of ants on your table. Do you start getting rid of the ants one by one, or do you trace the source of the infestation? (probably a half-eaten sweet, eww!) You would probably get rid of the source of that problem right?


Now similarly if you want to transform yourself, you don’t go to slimming centers to magically zap away all that belly, you want to fix the root of the problem…the food right!?

“So I Should Eat Rabbit Food?”

Now many of you, when you think about diet, you think about people eating salad everyday (in our community we call it "rabbit food"!), but this is far from the truth.


I’m going to be showing you how can not only create healthy, fat-burning food, but also really delicious ones as well.


These are recipes you can’t find anywhere else, simply because we spent years experimenting, tweaking and improving to give you the best. I am going to show you, how you create fat burning food that are healthy & more importantly, DELICIOUS!​


And if you follow our formula, you would immediately see results in 23 days time!


PLUS: If you worry about the maintenance, we have a step-by-step formula and recipes that you can plan your diets for LIFE!

Now Imagine This...

Now imagine attending the next meet up with your relatives, seeing all of their surprised look on their faces, as if you have found the answer to lose your belly and reverse your health conditions.


Many of them, dying to hear what pills are you on, what slimming studio you have signed up for.


Little did they know that transformation in you is 100% natural, and the best part is, because you are so used to eating and living healthy, it now becomes part of you!


You wake up every morning, full of energy because you are so used to the habit of living the enhanced life!

Just Hear What Our Past Participants Have To Say...

People say I look younger than my age now, my face have become sharper and sharper these past few weeks and my double chin disappeared! - Jessica

I'm glad that my tastebud have upgraded to a finer taste. Things that are salty or sweet taste bad to me, that's really good for my body - Catherine

I'm really happy I chanced upon Farmz, this is the best part of my health journey. Even my relationship have been improved with my daughter because of this - Janice

Aimin was very friendly and responsive to my questions and she helped us throughout the whole process when I was doing the the kidney and liver cleansing.  


I lost 20kg in 2 weeks! It was a awesome experience. Keep up the good work Aimin and her team!

Joseph Tan

By Day 11, my complexion seemed to be slightly better as compared to before. The lady who does my facial regularly remarked that my face didn’t seem so red and it seems more moisturised.

Lee Wei

Mark Leong has taken living healthy to a new level. Never imagine nutritional meals can be such interesting and delicious. The dedication and sincerity shown to part their knowledge to the fellow humans. Kudos to Mark Leong, Min and the whole team.

Jassy Cheam

From Flabby To Fitty In 23 Days

Secret to maintaining a tiny waist while still enjoying good food without starving yourself

Date: Saturday 7th September 2019

Time: 2:00pm - 6:00pm

Venue: Farmz Lifestyle Studio

236, Tanjong Katong Road,

Singapore 437024

So here’s what you’ll be getting:

  • The shocking truth about the food industry and why it’s doing more harm than good for your body

  • Why “healthy food brands” are not as healthy as you think they are

  • A step-by-step roadmap to a slimmer waist, stronger body, smoother skin, and energy of someone in their 20s

  • Little known juicing recipes that you can start creating at home to start your journey on natural healing

  • Secret daily meal recipes that will not only help you maintain your figure, but burns your fats too

  • The Reboot, Restore and Revive Formula to get you ready to flaunt in 23 days


Early Bird 


1st Sept




6th Sept



Farmz' Give Back Initiative


We recognize that as our little business grows, we’re blessed being able to make a living doing what we love transforming people's health, so we feel it is our responsibility and a privilege to be able help more people, especially those in need.


This year February 2019, Farmz headed to Siem Reap Province in Cambodia to provide a donation of new toilets, along with 60 New Water Filters to provide a source of clean water to 60 homes for 350 people.


And there will be more to come! A percentage of the profits will be used in helping such families.

What Are You Waiting For?

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Once again, here's the details:


Date & Time:

Saturday 7th September 2019

2:00pm - 6:00pm



$27 (U.P. $47)




Farmz Lifestyle Studio

236, Tanjong Katong Road,

Singapore 437024

Like we said, there are a thousand and one solutions out there that can give you a healthier body, but none of them gives you the exact roadmap and can hand-hold you step-by-step into achieving it.


So if you’ve scrolled all the way down here, this means that you’re serious about living the transformed life. If so, then this is an event you CANNOT miss.


You have to hurry though, because we’re only opening this up to 30 people, for a limited amount of time. Once this workshop fills up, we’re not accepting anymore registrants, so do register now!

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