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Allowing you to burn fats while you sleep

How To Cleanse Your Liver

Why this is so important and how it can completely reset your system

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“This book serves as a reminder for the class I've attended with Mark


The recipes are amazing!

Most importantly, it opened up my eyes on the shocking truth about modern food and why we should cleanse our body regularly

Joey Tham

This is by far my favorite book! Simple and easy to read, I could finish it in a day!


Eventually you'll come to realize it's not your body that is missing the bad food, it's all in your head.

Catherine Choong

“Mark's book is informative, and the pictures are really colorful and attractive.

Easy to absorb and get back to when I need!”

Chloe Tay

From the kitchen of Mark Leong,

Asia’s First Juice Guru​

Slimming program?  Weight loss pills? Gym Membership? Diet plans?

I know it can be really confusing looking for a solution these days, I mean most of these companies are just out there to make a quick buck out of you!


How would I know? I’ve tried them all! Yes even the slimming programs that you’ve seen on newspapers…I hate to admit it, but I was once their member.


Truth is, you don’t need to spend thousands on these programs that would eventually give you little to no results other than a “relaxing time” in there, nor do you need to follow complicated diet plans that 99% of the time don’t work, mainly because of the lifestyle that we live.

Many a times these diets and pills are not proven and backed by science, in fact what you might discover about weight loss and diet might even shock you and change your whole perspective on how you should approach food.


In this book there is a simple step-by-step blueprint that you can apply and follow through in just 23 days.


As long as you follow through it for 23 days, we guarantee that you’ll see significant results.


Sneak Peak Of What's Inside...

This book is perfect for:

  • People that are trying to lose belly fats

  • People that are trying to maintain weight

  • People who have lifestyle diseases like blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart issues etc

  • People striving for a healthy enhanced life where they have the freedom and energy to do whatever they like.


Farmz is passionate about educating and getting more people to understand the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, we provide a platform to share our knowledge and coach individuals to achieve their health goals with the right mindset, the right natural food to consume and the right exercise regime.


We are the First company in Singapore to provide Food Education in Juicing & Nutrition. Leader in Fat Burning (7 Days, 7 Pounds Guaranteed) & Transformation through Juicing based on clients DNA test.

If you’ve always wanted to improve your health, then this is the perfect time to get started:

Man Sacrifices Health To Make Money, In The End Sacrifices Money To Recuperate Health

Dalai Lama


In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of this page, here's the deal:


I'm mailing you a 194 page book, "Flabby To Fitty In 23 Days – Weight Loss Secrets You Were Never Shared & What Matters Most In The World" to you.


In there you'll discover the secrets and the exact roadmap on how you can attain a healthy body in just 23 days.


PLUS: For my Malaysian friends, I'll be doing a book signing as well as a FREE workshop specially to thank you guys for the support.


So click/tap here to grab your copy now! Hurry limited stocks!


May You be Blessed with Great Health always,

Mark Leong
Asia’s Juice Guru


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